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Chinese architecture is a significant inspiration for the QUIYEE philosophy and the design of its jewelry. One of its main characteristics in Chinese architecture is bilateral symmetry - signifying balance.

Architecture where features like the number of columns in a structure are designed around even numbers; a sign of good luck.

Founded recently, in 2019, QUIYEE is a fine jewelry brand created in Paris which integrates the philosophy of ancient Chinese art with modern French design. 

The word QUIYEE itself carries the meaning of ‘the past has passed, the new has arrived‘, which encapsulates the philosophy of our brand in simple words –  connecting the east to the west; the past to the future. 

The blend of culture that stands behind our jewelry is what distinguishes our brand from any other. 

Stephanie Chen, founder of the brand, had the desire to express her emotions and her love for literature, art and luxury through jewelry. This is how QUIYEE came to life. 

Overcoming many obstacles, the brand now offers a broad array of fine jewelry which we strive to expand internationally. Our main goal is to create and share our jewelry which is highly elegant but also suited to any occasion. 

In all of our jewelry we had a desire to integrate the nuance of ancient Chinese architecture and modern French elegance – the inspiration of QUIYEE today.  Chinoiserie art was very popular in France in the 19th century, so the blend of French and Chinese style is a historic and beautiful niche. 

Chinese architecture is also characterized by the incorporation of feng shui which, if applied correctly, will bring harmony and balance. 

The design of classic Chinese gardens was based on the idea of nature and mankind in one, meaning that individuals would seek harmony with nature. This ideology perfectly expresses our brand’s mission which is to emphasize that jewelry represents the wearer. The jewelry carries a narrative about the wearer.

We want your jewelry to tell a story about you.

It’s About Personality

Jewelry that tells the story of who you are

Who wears QUIYEE Paris jewelry? Imagine a character with vitality, energy, and spirit.

Passionate about life, manifesting enthusiasm for culture, art, nature, and fashion. Making known their appreciation of beauty and luxury, but also simplicity.

Capable, confident, and conscious of the world around them – with quiet grace they embody the balance, peace, and enlightenment that our jewelry represents.

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