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The perks of layering are that it really shows off your necklaces in a unique way. This style also encourages wearing different sizes and shapes together to create a look that corresponds to you. You can opt for a dainty delicate chain and add a chunkier necklace. 

Necklaces that are available in a variety of lengths are ideal for layering. To create a cascade effect that ensures each piece stands out, our best advice would be layering necklaces of different lengths. 

Our classic MIMOSA EN MÉMOIRE necklaces can be worn in the simple and classic way, individually without other neck pieces, which shows off the necklace itself beautifully. All of the focus will be on the stone and finesse of the ornament.

Nevertheless, layering is also a good option as adding an additional necklace with a different shape and thickness will show your special necklace off but in a different way.

The way you choose to later is also unique as it is adapted to your wants and personality, you could go for a bold layering which consists of adding three or more necklaces with very different textures.

You could also go for a more light, subtle layering which would consist of variating the length but keeping the style similar.