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Nacre, the most commonly used name for Mother of pearl, is the substance that forms the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs. This material is iridescent and very strong and for this reason it has been used throughout the years to make various objects and indeed vastly in the jewelry industry.

This inner layer made of mother pearl can only be found in pearl oysters, freshwater mussels and abalone. Its typical iridescent look comes from the ability of these molluscs to create a substance aimed at protecting them from parasites or any other kind of danger.

Nacre colours 

The colours and shades of the nacre can vastly vary depending on the different molluscs and on how the light hits the surface of the shell, making it shine from white to cream iridescent tones.

Nacre Uses 

Mother of pearl has always been used for different purposes, ranging from home decoration to clothing accessories and jewelry.

The history of Nacre

This stone has played a central role throughout history as an element of embellishment for many objects from ancient Egypt, to China and Native American tribes.

Its name, Mother of Pearl, probably refers to the fact that the shell made of nacre was also th

e place where pearls were born, and therefore a sort of belly of these molluscs.

The differences compared to pearls 

Mother of pearl is of easier availability and slightly lower cost than pearls itself because even if all of these molluscs are made of this material it doesn’t necessarily imply they’ve been able to create and hold a pearl inside. Therefore the rarity of pearls makes nacre more affordable and of easier use.


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