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Love is when one feels a strong powerful affection for another. Finding your other half is an unexpected circumstance in life that you can’t predict and that is the whole beauty of it. 

If desired, after having the certainty that that one person you are in love with is the one you want to stay with for the rest of your life, comes marriage. 

The wedding is the start of the marriage, where everything begins taking shape and your future life is being built hand in hand with someone else. During the ceremony you and your partner declare your chosen promises, vows, and life aspirations together.

Representing that bond and unity in words is difficult, but jewelry is a way to express and give proof to one another of the commitment. 

At QUIYEE we created timeless jewelry, most specifically for wedding occasions. Available in white gold, l’Éternel band is both for women and men.

Éternels Collection gets its design inspiration from the INFINITY symbol concept. The symbol turns into the extension of lines, and the lines are exquisitely designed to be symmetrical to each other, representing eternal and blissful love, unifying the two individuals in love for life.