Rose gold earrings and necklace set with nacre.

This material is iridescent and very strong and for this reason it has been used throughout the years to make various objects and indeed vastly in the jewelry industry. 

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Pendant earrings with chains from Mimosa En Mémoire collection set with carnelian and diamonds.

QUIYEE selects Carnelian displaying straight, uniform veins, predominantly from the best mines in the world, and also works with the reputable workshop in Germany for stone cutting. The stone gleams alongside rose gold in the Mimosa En Mémoire collection, among other creations.

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Rose gold pendant earring with detachable piece set with diamonds.

Recent events have had a profound impact on the trends in the fashion industry and also in the way to wear jewellery. In 2021 these changes have shaped a new trend to create its own style to differentiate yourself while also being elegant at the same time. In this article we will share with you some ways you create some unique combinaisons.

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