How you hair, skin and summer tan determine the jewelry you should wear

Mimosa En Mémoire collection pieces set with malachite.

Jewelry is a must-have accessory in every woman's and men’s outfit, but combining or choosing the right jewelry is not always easy. 

Here is a small guide you can use to pick the right pieces for your summer look!

Blonde or dark hair with a great gold summer tan are perfect for wearing yellow or rose gold, diamonds and greenish colourful stones like the malachite. This will create a sense of contrast and enlightenment at the same time to shine both during daylight and fancy soirées. 

On the other hand blondish, but especially brown or reddish hair with a lighter skin colour could perfectly match with white gold, silver and the integration of diamonds and colourful stones like the carnelian and its intense red colour to give life to your look. 

Eventually, another perfect match for dark skin and hair are certainly diamonds and brilliant gemstones to add some spark and contrast your look with a touch of light.

However, you also shouldn’t forget to look at the match with the colour of your eyes. Often a light eye colour goes perfectly with blue and green tones of stones while the red and orangish colours better tone with dark eyes.

Ultimately if your hair and skin is really a mix, be versatile and use your good taste to create the most stunning and boldest combinations to add spark to your summer holidays.

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