Stéphanie CHEN, the founder and designer of the brand.


Raised in Chinese ancient art and literature, Stéphanie Chen grew up in Shanghai.
Passionate about French culture, she moved to Paris and enrolled in the business school in major of luxury brand management, then later followed her passion to study jewelry design and gemology.
In 2019, she launched her jewelry brand QUIYEE which integrates the philosophy of ancient Chinese art and modern French creation. Through her creations, she captures the spirit of eastern in western themes. In December 2020, she opened her shop in the Place Vendôme district.
QUIYEE has a rich meaning and contains cultural elements. It derives from the second Chinese name of Stéphanie CHEN - QIUYE, this beautiful name is given by her Buddhist master, which means "the past is past, the new has arrived".
It is a brand connecting the east and the west, connecting the past and walking towards the future. The E at the end is to highlight her last name CHEN, remembering her family.
The first “MIMOSA” collection incorporates the legendary elements of the ancestral Chinese garden, a landscape style that has evolved over three thousand years, transmitting philosophical messages. 
For QUIYEE, the art of living comes down to a way of life, a particular style that we decide to adopt at some point in our lives, just as the philosophy of Chinese ancient garden.