Service and Care

QUIYEE jewelry pieces are made with precious materials meeting the highest selection criteria. Depending on their properties, certain materials require specific care. To preserve the appearance of your jewelry piece over time, we recommend the following precautions.
QUIYEE creation is delicate and thus requires special care and attention.
To prevent damage to your piece, we recommend avoiding exposure to fragrance, soap, chemicals or cosmetics, as these could affect its color and form. It is best to wait until fragrances and cosmetics have dried completely before wearing your jewelry. It is important not to expose your creation to water (fresh, chlorinated or salt) or to high temperatures (such as prolonged sun exposure). We generally recommend that you do not wear your jewelry when performing certain activities (sports, gardening, etc.) to prevent it from being knocked or from coming into contact with harmful substances.

Personalize your creation

Each jewelry creation is unique and symbolizes an emotion, an occasion or a memory dear to its wearer. QUIYEE offers personalized engraving services for rings and pendants to ensure that this special feeling remains with you forever.
The engraving of your choice can be produced within 2 weeks depending on the specifications of the creation. The maximum inscription length will vary depending on the design of your creation.

Adjust you creation

Because your wellbeing is essential, QUIYEE offers you an adjustment service to make sure your creation perfectly fits you with the highest level of comfort.Our Maison jewelry experts apply their technical know-how to finely shape the metal of a ring, modify the length of a chain, adapt the post or clip mechanism of an earclip. Performed within at least 2 weeks, this service is always undertaken with respect to the original technical and aesthetic specifications of each creation.

Revitalize your creation

Your jewelry is part of you – it accompanies you throughout your life which can result in wear and tear over time. In order to revive its original brilliance, our boutiques and workshop experts offer a shining service where a careful cleaning of your creation is performed.
Various methods can be applied according to the delicacy of the materials and the technical specifications of the creation. These range from immersing the creation in a gentle cleansing bath followed with a thorough drying, to cleaning it with a special paste and cloth to reveal its shine and remove superficial scratches.
Should your creation contains deeper scratches, a polishing service can also be performed. We highly recommend to limit the number of polishings your creation receives in order to preserve its integrity over time.

Authenticate your creation

Your QUIYEE creation is truly precious, holding valuable memories of special moments. Thanks to the Maison's authentication service, we can help you to protect its value over time. Our Heritage experts will thoroughly examine your QUIYEE creation, referring to our historical archives in order to certify its authenticity. At the end of this process, you will receive a Letter of Authenticity that we recommend keeping safe with your creation.
Our valuation service provides an appraisal of your QUIYEE creations for insurance purposes based on their current market value.
Theses services require thorough research and may take several months to be completed. We invite you to bring your creation into a QUIYEE Boutique where our teams will be pleased to help you.

Request a service for your creation

To ensure optimal maintenance of your jewelry creations, we welcome you to visit a Quiyee boutique where a member of our team can personally assist you in fulfilling a service request.
Our Maison experts will take the utmost care handling your request and are dedicated to providing your creation with the best service possible so that you can continue to enjoy it daily.