QUIYEE is completely at your disposal to find with you the jewel that best suits you. By discovering your tastes and your personality, we also offer the MADE-TO-MEASURE SERVICE to design a unique piece of jewellery for you and offer you quality stones to set it.

Plus, QUIYEE also offers you the chance to fix, renovate and recreate old tailor-made jewellery to make it look brand new and adapt it to your tastes.

QUIYEE only works with the most reputable diamond and gemstone suppliers in Place Vendôme Paris to make sure that we offer you the best quality of jewellery. 


Love for your unique one

Because choosing an engagement ring, the absolute symbol of a loving commitment, should be a unique and special moment, QUIYEE offers a bespoke service so you can create your perfect ring.

With a wide range of settings and diamonds, QUIYEE offers you the opportunity, in-store to create your dream engagement ring designed to your desires and tastes and within your budget. Choose the perfect diamond to match your requirements in terms of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight from our exclusive selection.

Advised and supported by QUIYEE, you can follow the journey of your ring as it is created.



In a constant effort to offer personalisation and timelessness, QUIYEE also offers the service to engrave your jewellery and wedding bands.

Whether a secret message to your loved one, the date that you met, your wedding or birth date, your name, in QUIYEE store at 9 rue de la Sourdière 75001 Paris France we can engrave the inside of your QUIYEE jewellery.