Latest Jewelry Trends in 2021

Rose gold pendant earring with detachable piece set with diamonds.

Wear it your way is this summer’s jewelry leitmotiv, with the collections #Mimosa and #MimosaenMémoire.

The jewels can be “worn your way”. This summer, you can find on QUIYEE’s official website and our parisian boutique (9 rue de la Sourdiere) the two collections are completely realized to match up pieces together and build your looks.

But what is the best way to mix your jewelry and create incredible parures that will strike everyone’s attention? 

To begin with, the single earring is certainly a trend that has been around for some time but that will certainly not be slept in 2021. At QUIYEE, our Mimosa and Mimosa en mémoire pendant earrings will add some amazing sparkle and style to your look while keeping it elegant. 


Rose gold pendant earring set with malachite.

Then another that is also in the middle of the spotlight this year, as featured on Vogue, is undoubtedly the asymmetric earrings. And QUIYEE is proposing to you the best options to mix pendant earrings with diamonds, gemstones, and 18k rose gold which will wake everyone’s attention. Try to mix the Mimosa en mémoire malachite or carnelian pendant earring with another one from the previous collection and you will remain astonished by the play of shapes, lengths, and oscillations. 


Asymmetric earrings made of rose gold, diamonds and gemstones.

Nevertheless, you not only have the chance to match up your earrings with each other but also to move detachable pieces to make them even more unique, as with the bohemian Mimosa earrings inspired by Newton’s cradle. 

Rose gold pendant earring with detachable piece set with diamonds.

Finally, just like with earrings, you have the same chance to mix and match any bracelet or necklace you wish to give life and originality to any of your looks. 


Rose gold bracelets set with diamonds and carnelian.

In 2020 jewelry stood up as a new way to dress up when working remotely in front of cameras, but this mindset, as featured on the Cosmopolitan, will with no doubt continue in 2021.

Designer of the brand.



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